More info coming soon!
More info coming soon! 9/14/18 8:04 PM...
i have a guinea pig rescue, we currently have several sweeties up for adoption. here is what we have adoptable right now, #1)Sparky, he is 9 months old,#2) Harper,she is 8 months old,#3)Sam,he is 5 months old,#4), Charlie,he is 4 months old,#5),Justin,he is 4 months old,#6),Buddy,he is 9 months old, #7 and #8),Sunny and Abby(they are a bonded pair and need to be placed together),they are app...
i run a small guinea pig rescue.i currently have several guinea pigs up for adoption.#1,harper is 9 months old.she is a sweetie.#2 oreo and honeybear are sisters.(they are a bonded pair and have to be placed together).they are "teddy bears".they are 5 months old and alot of fun.#3 & #4 we have "sunny and abbey" they are about 1 year old.(they are a bonded pair and need to be placed together).t...
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